MCRA Life Fund Trust

MCRA Life Membership Trust Earns $491.33 for 1st Qtr CY16

The Marine Corps Reserve Association Life Membership Trust received $458.17 in dividends and interest during the first quarter of 2016. This is in contrast with $353.98 received during the corresponding quarter of 2015, an increase of $104.19.

The market value of the Trust as of the end of the business day on 31 March 2016 was $58,108.74 compared with $49,325.02 at the end of 31 March 2015. The Trust value rose above the 50,000.00 mark during the last quarter of the 2015. It may be of interest to note that during January of this year, the Dow Jones Industrial average dropped by 4%, yet the market value of the Trust increased by 1%. This is a reflection of the Trust investment management philosophy to invest in corporations with a strong financial base and a history of increased annual dividends. This philosophy offers market value stability protecting the Trust from wild market fluctuations and at the same time gradual increases in value from the promise of increased dividend income.

The Trust is currently projected to pay a total of $1,926.60 in earnings to the Association. Of course, life membership dues as well as donations delivered to the Trust this year will increase the earnings for 2016.

Interested parties may make donations directly to the Trust. Make your check payable to:  MCRA Life Membership Trust and mail to:

MCRA Life Membership Trust

c/o LtCol Thomas M. Howlett USMCR(Ret)
1370 Fox River Drive

De Pere, WI 54115-2403

Questions about the Trust should be submitted to: LtCol Thomas "LPM" Howlett USMCR(Ret) Founder and Investment Manager


WHEREAS, the Trustor desires to create an independent organization, in the form of a trust, to provide a continuing source of revenue and support of the Marine Corps Reserve Association through the investment of membership dues and other donations as may be received by this Trust, all within the limitations of Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code.

LtCol Thomas Howlett Col Harley Skidmore Major James Pelkey
Trust Founders
MGen John Cronin MGen Albert Harvey MGen John Salesses
MGen Dean Sangalis Col Mark Cancian Col Edward Collymore
Col Robert Donaghue Col Robert Henderson Col Nick Hirsch
Col Graham Kreiker Col David Leighton Col Mike Mitchell
Col Norm Mueller Col Robert Rathert Col Harley Skidmore
Col James Wells, Esq Col Rex Williams Col Donald Wright
LtCol Charles Allen LtCol Robert Brockish LtCol James Craige
LtCol John DeHart LtCol Neil Frumkin LtCol Robert Hansel
LtCol Thomas Howlett Major Charles Bickley Major James Pelkey
Capt H D Rosenthal  Ms Iris Pinchart Mr & Mrs Patrick O'Dell
Mr Jack Robb Ms Kitty Vanden Avond Mr Merlin Wallenfang
Mr Philip Westenburg

To donate to the MCRA LIFE FUND TRUST click here

or mail a check to:

MCRA Life Membership Trust

c/o LtCol Thomas M. Howlett USMCR(Ret)

1370 Fox River Drive

De Pere, WI 54115-2403


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MCRA LIFE TRUST 501 c(19) FEDERAL TAX ID: 53-0235297


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